Sunday, 7 May 2017

Woman in A Red Hat

Tips for choosing a suitable hat for you:

Firstly you need to know what your face shape is – you don’t need to be overly specific, just about the length to width ratio – for more information on figuring out your faceshape which you can do by reading here. There are two major points of a hat to consider – the crown and the brim.  

Tall crowns will make you look taller. 
Wide brims will make you look smaller. 
Downturned brims will make you look shorter.
Upturned brims will make you look taller. 
Wide brims will protect you from the sun more. 
Wide brims and shorter crowns suit longer face shapes. 
Short Faces need taller crowns. 
Deep crowns – ones that your head fits right into, rather than the hat being perched on top of your head and full of air, suit long faces and should be avoided by short faces who need shallow crowns (the ones that sit up high on your head). 
Berets work better on shorter faces shapes than longer ones. 
Peaked crowns (like in a Fedora style) work well on shorter faces shapes as they give the illusion of more length. 

Hats should generally be worn on an angle rather than just plopped straight onto your head. But try them forward, backwards, angled, to see what suits your face shape and hairstyle. Many hats are made to be worn angled onto the right side of your head – so if you have a part on the left side you may need to swap your part over as the hat should sit on the side with your part so your hair volume balances the hat. Hair Tips for Wearing Hats A quick word on hairstyles – generally hats work better if your long hair is tied back, or with it straight and smooth tucked behind your ears. Too much volume from long hair can overwhelm. And how to avoid hat hair? Make sure your hair is completely dry before you put on your hat. You will get some indentations, so try wearing a style, whether tied back or smoothed down that doesn’t look odd with a flattened top. After you take off your hat, turn head upside down and run your fingers through your hair to try and get a little volume back into it.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Red Fur Coat

For you the definition of stylish look may be different for each individual, this is reasonable because the fashion taste of each person is different.  
And you as a fashion observer may often feel confused how to mix and match the clothing to look fit and harmonious.  Not only that the look of stylish fashion requires the wearer to look comfortable and more confident after creating his fashion.  
It's just the fact there are some people who are still difficult to try the stylish fashion styles to fit the clothing they have. If you have a fur coat then you can try mix and match so you can look stylish and stay casual when wearing it. 
While still the rainy season, You can immediately prepare the fur coat you have to create your fashion style by trying to match the matching fashion fur coat with your clothing of course.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Red Over Knee Boots

This type of boots that have a length that exceeds the knee may be a bit demanding extra confidence for the wearer, because in this tropical climate, people around will glower when you see Over the Knee High (OtKH) boots make for a walk To the mall or to the campus, especially in the hot daytime. 

It's good if the boots of this type  are used when you travel at night or when it rains, but remember to choose the leather material so as not to damage when exposed to water. 

These boots are suitable for almost any type of foot, be it a slender leg, or rather a bit big on the calf, but with a note, that the existing subordinates must be adjusted. 

The best tips for these boots are, using leggings or jegging (jeans leggings), or anything that tight, or mini skirts too. But If you have a big thigh, you should avoid this boots, because these boots make your appearance somewhat focused on the thigh, especially if you wear light colored jeans.

Red Fur Boots

Boots that are exactly half-calf length is the enemy of the girls who have legs less long and contains, this is because the top of the boots that cut right in the middle - the middle of the calf that gives rise to the short legs of the wearer.
So, if you want to wear these boots make sure that you have slim legs ☺☺☺

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